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WPF - Styles can assign global EventHandlers to a control type

Always wanted to assign a specific EventHandler to all controls of one type?

It's very easy now. Styles offer EventSetter allowing you to assign EventHandlers to a specific Control or a Type of controls.

<Style TargetType="{x:Type Button}">
<EventSetter Event="MouseDoubleClick" Handler="DoSomething" />

WPF - Septmeber CTP where are my controls gone?

I just finished installing:
Windows Vista September 05 CTP (Build 5219)WinFX + SDK September 05 CTPVisual Studio 2005 Beta 2WinFX Extensions September 05 CTP for VS 2005
Except VS 2005 Testing features, which are not working for me in Beta 2, everything works fine. But I hope that next Vista drops will support more recent VS 2005 drops because some time has gone since Beta 2 release.

First of all I recognized that there is no more Avalon Navigation Application. You can only choose between Avalon Application and Avalon Web Application (runs in browser).
But you can easily create an Avalon Application and set the StartUpUri Tag in MyApp.xaml to your Start Page to provide Avalon Navigation.

Second thing to mention is that some namings and locations changed (Events, Classes, etc.)

IValueConverter can now be found at System.ComponentModel
System.Windows.Data.ObservableCollection can be found at System.Collections.ObjectModel
TextBlock's TextContent changed to Text
Windows's Text to Title
I w…