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Visual Studio 2005 - Award for Customer Excellence

I'm proud to tell you that I just received a Award for Customer Excellence related to Visual Studio 2005!

WinFX Novmember CTP: WPF Data Changing

IValueConverter moved from System.ComponentModel to System.Windows.Data
PropertyGroupDescription moved from System.ComponentModel to System.Windows.Data

Its new constructors allow you to write:
Dim g As System.ComponentModel.PropertyGroupDescription

g = New System.ComponentModel.PropertyGroupDescription()
g.PropertyName = "Status"
g.ValueConverter = conv

like this:
Dim g As System.Windows.Data.PropertyGroupDescription

g = New System.Windows.Data.PropertyGroupDescription("Status", conv)
ICollectionView properties were renamed
Sort --> SortDescriptions
GroupBy --> GroupDescriptions

and much more ...

Unfortunatelly MS released December CTP before I could complete this.

So stay tuned to receive information about December CTP!

ATM I'm downloading and Installing
Vista December CTPWinFX December CTPWinFX December CTP SDKMicrosoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" Community Technology Preview - WinFX Development Tools