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JCQ - Almost at milestone 1

Today my holidays began and although I won't be at home too often, I hope I can finish my first release of JCQ.

Atm basic functionality is implemented and more is planed. Chatting, offline messagin, buddy list download, nickname request are working fine. I have little problems with my network component because everything runs in threads and synclocking list. Maybe I create a version relying on asynchron callback methods to decrease CPU load while sending/receiving data.

Ui develops well. WPF is really powerfull and though easy to use - when you know which button you have to press ;)

stay tuned

WPF - Bind To Code Property in XAML

You defined following property in your Avalon Window's code:

Public Class Window1

  Public Readonly Property Special As String
   Return "Text"
  End Property

End Class

Now you want to bind your property Special to a control:
<TextBlock Text="{DataBinding Path=Special}" />
But your TextBlock will stay cleared :( You can bind your TextBlock using Source Code but I prefer an other solution:

First: You can bind controls to element's properites.
 e.g. <TextBlock Background="{DataBinding Path=Background, ElementName=stackpanel1}" />
 This would bind a TextBlocks Background color to stackpanel1's background color.

Second: This also works with an Avalon Window.

When you assign a Name to the Window you can bind properties of controls to the Avalon Window's properties.
eg: <Window Name="w1" ... >
<TextBlock Text="{DataBinding Path=Special, ElementName=w1}" />

Now you can bin…