An Icq Client built on .NET?

Some months ago I was really angry about all Icq Clients on earth. I switched them daily but with every new version came new bugs and things didn't work as they should.
My dream Icq Client should simply be able to transfer messages between users correctly, read offline messaging and provide Server Side Buddylist and profiles correctly. That's it.
I tried to find a good API which can be used from .NET but the only thing I found was the Icq Mir. API which is COM, slow and sure not that what I want. So I decided to build my own Icq Api which is complety built up from the ground and communicates directly with the Icq server using the Tcp protocol.

I had to gather many information about the protocol, server behaviour and much more, tested a lot of things and wasted hours of my free time. But actually I got it and was able to implement an API built up on .NET v2 Beta 2 using SOA and Contract First.

Now I'm testing the whole bunch. I SignedIn correctly and received all buddies from Server including Status updates a.s.o. but I won't be able to say it works until MS get's it's Unit Test Features to work on my machine.

ATM I'm thinking about the UI. I'll built it using "Avalon" and installed Vista Beta1 already but unfortunatelly there is a bug in WinFX SDK Setup and I can' create Avalon project correctly. But I'll get this working so - Stay tuned!


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