My new Dell Latitude D810

Wow a few hours ago (totally unexpected) an UPS man delivered my new DELL Latitude D810 Notebook.

- A dream comes true -

First impression: Outstanding!
The notebook is everything I ever wanted. The thing that impresses me most is its display (15,4" Widescreen 1650x1050) - better than everything I have seen before.
It equiped with 1,73 GHz Pentium M, 1 GB DDR 2 RAM, 60 GB HD, DVD/CD-R device, Infra red, bluetooth, wirelesslan and an very powerfull ATI Mobility Radeon X600. The only thing I mentioned after playing a while is when pressing the CTRL Key you can hear a crack. But all other values are great, especially the battery. It lasted from 9 am to 10 pm. I didn't use the new system the whole time but in between were many installion steps.

Actually I got Vista Beta 1 running without problems. All devices are working except Infrared but I think this is a general microsoft problem. They don't seem to be in love with this connection. I will install VS 2005 Team System Beta 2 in a few seconds and are downloading the WinFX SDK Iso over WLAN. I can't wait building software with this system but I have to get some hours sleep ...

UPDATE: I got Infrared working. Seemed to be a problem with power saving features in battery mode.
But what really lags is my ATI LDDM diver. Vista Ui is permanently flashing getting black and redrawn again. Sometime the system crashes with a BOD and I have to reboot. Maybe I have to switch to "Aero" and kick "Aero Glass". The right tool for this task is already available ;):


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